Ms. Bush-Butler is an recognized music and performance artist with decades of on stage experience.

She has performed publicly and privately before audiences large and small, in numerous genres, both as a solo artist and in ensembles.

She is also an experienced event planner, producer, director and maestro.

For more information about Ms. Bush-Butlers services in this area, please contact Ms. Bush-Butler by phone, email or via the websites contact form.

MUSICAL ARTIST who offers services in:

-- Incorporating speech, movement, song playing ORFF instruments to children in elementary school.
-- Musical activities with instrumental explorations.
-- Teach young students rhythm, melody and harmony through musical activities
-- Imagination play
-- Song writing
-- Chanting
-- Group teaching
-- Movement variations with music
-- Improvisations
-- Storytelling through Music

PERFORMANCE ARTIST offering services in:

-- Wedding Music Planner
-- Organizing Funeral Programs & Musical Selections
-- NYSSMA Accompanists
-- School Accompanists for Choirs
-- Church Organists/Pianists
---- Choir Director
---- Help, advise and council artist toward promoting themselves
---- Provide logistical training and advise musical performances
---- Vocal coach


-- Organize and coordinate musical programs for upcoming recitals and concerts
-- Prepare students for NYSSMA readiness and music performances.
-- Student-Preparation for college entry music exams
-- Substitute Music Teacher
-- Administer Music Therapy Assessments
-- Provide educational material and interactive tools in piano and vocal training.
-- Professional services in teaching children and adults in music.
-- Record audio books
-- Repair, tune and change strings for violin, viola and cello.
-- Rental of select instruments.